401k Plan overview

Plan identification number 501

VIKING, INC. Benefits

401k Plan TypeWelfare Benefit
Plan Features/Benefits
  • Health (other than dental or vision)
  • Life insurance
  • Dental
  • Temporary disability (accident and sickness)
  • Long-term disability cover
  • Death benefits (include travel accident but not life insurance)

401k Sponsoring company profile

VIKING, INC. has sponsored the creation of one or more 401k plans.

Company Name:VIKING, INC.
Employer identification number (EIN):010194854
NAIC Classification:444190
NAIC Description:Other Building Material Dealers

Additional information about VIKING, INC.

Jurisdiction of Incorporation: California Department of State
Incorporation Date: 2004-06-09
Company Identification Number: C2656196
Legal Registered Office Address: 901 A Street, Suite C

San Rafael
United States of America (USA)

More information about VIKING, INC.

Form 5500 Filing Information

Submission information for form 5500 for 401k plan VIKING, INC.

Plan id# Filing Submission Date Name of Administrator Date Administrator SignedName of Company SponsorDate Sponsor Signed

Plan Statistics for VIKING, INC.

401k plan membership statisitcs for VIKING, INC.

Measure Date Value
Total participants, beginning-of-year2016-01-01279
Total number of active participants reported on line 7a of the Form 55002016-01-01195
Total of all active and inactive participants2016-01-01195
Total participants, beginning-of-year2015-01-01185
Total number of active participants reported on line 7a of the Form 55002015-01-01279
Total of all active and inactive participants2015-01-01279
Total participants, beginning-of-year2014-01-01177
Total number of active participants reported on line 7a of the Form 55002014-01-01185
Total of all active and inactive participants2014-01-01185
Total participants, beginning-of-year2012-01-01169
Total number of active participants reported on line 7a of the Form 55002012-01-01174
Total of all active and inactive participants2012-01-01174

Form 5500 Responses

2016-01-01Type of plan entityMulitple employer plan
2016-01-01Plan funding arrangement – InsuranceYes
2016-01-01Plan benefit arrangement – InsuranceYes
2015-01-01Type of plan entityMulitple employer plan
2015-01-01Plan funding arrangement – InsuranceYes
2015-01-01Plan benefit arrangement – InsuranceYes
2012-01-01Type of plan entityMulitple employer plan
2012-01-01Plan funding arrangement – InsuranceYes
2012-01-01Plan benefit arrangement – InsuranceYes

Insurance Providers Used on plan

ANTHEM HEALTH PLANS OF MAINE, INC. (National Association of Insurance Commissioners NAIC id number: 52618 )
Policy contract number006599
Policy instance 1
Insurance contract or identification number006599
Number of Individuals Covered163
Insurance policy start date2015-01-01
Insurance policy end date2015-12-31
Total amount of commissions paid to insurance brokerUSD $43,617
Total amount of fees paid to insurance companyUSD $0
Health Insurance Welfare BenefitYes
Welfare Benefit Premiums Paid to CarrierUSD $834,959
Did the insurance company fail to provide any information necessary to complete Schedule A of form 5500?No
Commission paid to Insurance BrokerUSD $43,617
Insurance broker organization code?3
Insurance broker nameALLEN FINANCIAL GROUP

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